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Our company represents high-end brands of motorcycles, autocycles and cars in Japan and South Korea under exclusive representation agreements. We work with over 1,400 dealers, dealer groups and independent stores to serve the increasing demand of foreign brands in this segment.

Please contact us for more information, to become a dealer or if you wish to place a factory-direct order.

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Brough Superior Motorcycles

NA LOGO BS BASELINE - NOIR - 日本 copy.png

Excellence cannot be bought, it must be passed on! Since its creation in 1919, Brough Superior has pushed the quality of its models to the extreme, to the point of overturning the superlatives attached to the motorcycle world. Handcrafted luxury, mechanical innovation and outstanding performance have made Brough Superior an iconic brand, associated with the legends of Lawrence of Arabia and George Bernard Shaw, among others.

The rebirth of Brough Superior in France marks a new stage in the adventure of this exceptional brand, which draws from its DNA the know-how and inspiration to make dreams come true by shaping French luxury motorcycles. Masterpieces handcrafted with passion and authenticity.

Brough Superior is now in the process of being homologated in the United States and Asia 

with a full dealership network, customer support and amazing experience for all our customers.

Our filiales are now operational in the US and Japan and accepting dealer applications to join our growing network!

** Exclusive partnership since 2023 **

Homologation pending in North America and Japan

Vanderhall Autocycles

Vanderhall Motorworks is an American automobile manufacturer based in Provo, Utah. We manufacture handmade three-wheeled vehicles designed for sport driving, touring, commuting and city riding.

Mr. Hall is the founder of VanderHall and has served as the company's president and chief executive officer since its inception in 2010. He became Chairman of the Board of the Company in June 2021. Prior to founding VanderHall, Mr. Hall was Chief Executive Officer of Prestige Imports, Inc., a luxury and exotic car dealership, from 1999 to 2010. Mr. Hall comes from a family of engineers and entrepreneurs with a history of innovation. He studied business administration, management, and operations at Utah State University.

In 2023, Vanderhall will officially open subsidiaries in Japan and South Korea through an exclusive agreement with Pista Enterprises LLC.

The company is establishing a small dealer network in Japan and South Korea to support the growing demand for its Carmel and Venice models.

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